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Need lyrics professionally, or even just for fun? PREMIUM LYRICS is an international library of original song lyrics. In our online lyrics library you will find what you are looking for.

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PREMIUM LYRICS claims to become the world's largest original song lyrics library. A platform where songwriters and musicians from all countries meet. Not every lyricist is a good musician and not every composer can write good song lyrics. The best results are achieved if everyone does what they can do best and incredible amazing new things can arise. At PREMIUM LYRICS, musicians and songwriters simply come together. Get started now - write new songs making the world a somewhat better place!

New Lyrics


By Cierra Mollison

A song that deals with the pain of lying to yourself and self sabotage.

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Just Don't Tell Her She's Wrong

By Brian Hendrix

I like this. Jotted it down real quick after the hook popped in my head. Despite the subject matter seeming a bit more serious than a typical song, it's actually more of an upbeat song that's meant to poke fun sarcastically more so than malign someone.

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By Ti Speir

To our sweet Ballou- we miss you.

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Biene Sucht Blume (Herr Schumm)

By Georg Wagner (GeWa)

Die kleine, pummelige Honigbiene namens Schumm versucht bei einer wunderschönen Blume zu landen. - Im günstigsten Fall wird die ganze Geschichte gerapt.

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COVID-19 - Surviving Lockdown as a Musician

2020-04-09 Essay


It’s a strange time to be a musician. I mean, given the current world situation, it’s a strange time to be anyone full stop. But, us melodically inclined people – especially those working in a professional capacity – have certainly felt the blow of the uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

All of a sudden, rehearsal room sessions, live performances and studio time are off the cards. If you’re an aspiring songwriter, freelance gun-for-hire or would-be rock star, that’s a massive upheaval.

So what can you do about it?

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