License terms

Licence terms (Licensee)

By licensing the lyrics (hereinafter referred to as the "Work") you accept the following license terms, pursuant to which we, PREMIUM LYRICS, Mr. Christian Krauss, Bahnhofstr. 7, 24214 Neuwittenbek (hereafter referred to as the "Premium Lyrics") may make the work available for certain uses.

1.Undertakings and indemnity

You undertake to us that use will only take place according to the following conditions.

Please take note of the fact that this is copyright work, which is subject to certain legal protective provisions, such as, for example, in Germany and abroad, the Copyright Act or similar laws. We have obtained certain rights from the copyright owner / lyricist, which we gladly pass on to you within the scope of these provisions. However, as soon as use is made beyond the granted rights, this may lead to legal claims by the author, such as for disclosure, injunction and damages.

You also undertake that the work will not be used in connection with racist, violence-glorifying, pornographic, anti-constitutional and / or (other) illegal content.

If you fail to comply with these licence terms, you undertake to indemnify PREMIUM LYRICS from any and all third party claims and indemnify PREMIUM LYRICS against all damages and expenses incurred, including any costs of prosecution and / or defense.

In the event that PREMIUM LYRICS is subject to a claim by third parties due to your use of the Work contrary to the licensing terms, we reserve the right to pass on your details for direct and further legal prosecution to the demanding third party. You hereby expressly agree to this. In addition, PREMIUM LYRICS reserves the right to initiate independent legal action and to close your user account in the event of infringement of these license terms.

2. Granting of rights

The purpose of these licensing conditions and this granting of rights is to enable you to use the Work within the framework of the detailed legal conditions (license groups).

Depending on which license group you choose during the licensing process, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, global and time-unlimited sub-licence to use the Work to the following extent, after payment of the license fee:

License group 1: non-commercial use
The following rights are transferred:
  • the right of recital, performance and presentation
  • the right of making available to the public
  • the right of communication through audio/visual media
  • the right of reproduction
The right to commercial use (with the intention of making a profit), in particular the right to advertising, as well as to processing, is not transferred.

License group 2: commercial use with limited copying rights
The following rights are transferred:
  • the right of recital, performance and presentation
  • Right to make available to the public
  • Right of communication through audio/visual media
  • the right of reproduction, up to 1000 copies (mechanical duplication and paid downloads, unlimited streaming)
  • commercial use (especially advertising rights)
The right to edit is not transferred.

If you want to create more than the initial 1000 copies or have higher download sales, you must upgrade to license group 3.

License group 3: commercial use with unrestricted reproduction right
The following rights are transferred:
  • the right of recital, performance and presentation
  • the right to make available to the public
  • the right of communication through audio/visual media
  • commercial use (especially advertising rights)
  • unrestricted right of reproduction
The right to edit is not transferred.

It is expressly prohibited for you to transfer the acquired license to a third party, e.g. by way of sublicensing or further licensing.

In any case, you are obliged to credit the author in the usual manner in the evaluation of the Work. In this regard, the author has a legal entitlement. The name of the author will be given to you during the licensing process. Such an obligation of attribution shall be waived only in exceptional cases, e.g. if this is not technically possible or such an indication is not used in the industry.

3. License fees

For each license category, there is a special price list, which you can see here.

If you would like to carry out uses which are not included in the license category you have chosen, please contact us. We will then see if we can grant an extended license. However, without our explicit and written consent, use outside the selected license category is prohibited and will lead to a breach of these license terms.

In the event you make certain commercial uses of the Work (CD sales and paid downloads as well as paid use in commercials or film production), PREMIUM LYRICS is entitled to 25% (plus VAT) of your generated sales (gross revenues minus VAT, if you are entitled to deduct tax).

In the case of CD sales, your shareable revenue is calculated on a pro rata basis, that is, based on the total number of tracks on the CD (for example, if your CD has 10 tracks with 1 track from PREMIUM LYRICS) and you sell the CD for € 10 net, in this case you have to divide € 10 by 10 tracks = € 1 per title and then account for the one work of PREMIUM LYRICS 25% of € 1 = € 0.25 to us). In the case of all other commercial uses mentioned, your income from the respective download or the fee for use in the commercial / film is the calculation basis. Your accounts for the past calendar year must be received by PREMIUM LYRICS by the 31st January of the following year (you can find a form here). The payment of the fees to PREMIUM LYRICS will then take place against a corresponding invoice.

At the moment, we only offer works whose authors are not members of a copyright collection society or any kind of Performance Rights Organization (PRO) e. g. GEMA, AKM, SUISA, BMI, PRS, ASCAP. In this respect the works concerned are "non-PRO works".

4. Termination

PREMIUM LYRICS is entitled to terminate the license agreement concluded with you without notice as soon as an infringement of these license conditions is established. You are hereby obligated herewith to terminate all uses of the Work immediately upon such termination. In the case of such termination, the right to use and all rights granted will, without exception, be returned to PREMIUM LYRICS. We expressly reserve the right to make further claims for disclosure, injunction and damages.

Termination of the license agreement with you is also possible, if the author revokes their rights or we are legally or judicially obliged to return the rights to the Work. In such a case, PREMIUM LYRICS will refund you the license fee paid; however, as far as legally permissable, further claims for damages are excluded. You also agree herewith to terminate all use of the Work immediately upon such termination and you are aware that the right to use will be extinguished and that all rights granted will, without exception, revert to PREMIUM LYRICS.

For notice of termination, e-mail is sufficient.

A termination on your part is not necessary; you are free to discontinue use of the Work at any time.

5. Other provisions

German law shall be deemed to have been agreed. The place of fulfillment is Neuwittenbek.

Amendments and additions to this contract must be in writing. This also applies to a waiver in writing, in which case e-mail is sufficient. Any verbal ancillary agreements are excluded.