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Hierbei handelt es sich um einen fröhlichen, ungezwungen Text, der einen wunderschönen und sorgenfreien Tag am Meer beschreibt.
Bisschen rocknrollig, sollte nicht besonders ernst umgesetzt werden. Geht um eine gemochte/geliebte Person, die überraschend zu Besuch kommt - ganz erschöpft von der Fahrt und darum das Leben zu leben und so n Zeug i guess ...
Written from the perspective of someone who ist driven by his ego and the will to be the best in everything. A narcisstic egomaniac being unable to see eye to eye and finally realizing that he is left all alone.
Twisting is about playing the cards you've been dealt in life. Sometimes you're born into drugs; sometimes you're surrounded by jealous, toxic people. If that's you, then you know that sometimes you just have to struggle on. Sometimes you just have to twist around life's roadblocks and rise above the odds - in spite of all the nasty bitches saying otherwise.
On humanity's fear of being genuine. Snarky, Spunky, Upbeat.