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This song is about missing someone you love.

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in my heart i keep you, with every breath that leaves in my mind i see you, lost in the dark. in my tears i feel you, a river down my skin. i cant go on like this, when your no longer here. in your eyes i see a dark sky. by your side you'll always be mine. lets take it slow oh oh oh oh don’t let me go oh oh oh oh in the night i miss you, a moon without a star, in the sky i see you, a face in the clouds. in the day i need you, XXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX X XXXX XX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXX X XXX X XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XX XX XX XX XXXXX XXX XX XX XX XX XX XX

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