Indifference is an aphrodisiac

(Kate Bennett)

Modern casual relationships, heartbreak that can ensue from building these connections and trying to remain unemotional. Falling in love with a best friend.

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Indifference is an aphrodisiac I'm intrigued by the reasons that you don't write back When you leave me on seen, my ego attacks And I crave attention like a maniac I get no sleep, I'm an insomniac I'm staring at my phone til the screen goes black Hit it and quit it, you don't even miss it Love is biology and sex is just physics He milked the cow, now she's dehydrated She's thirsty, no mercy, she drowns in self-hatred He's out again, chasing girls, getting wasted He said hate the game, but don't hate the player XXXX XXX X XXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX X XXXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXX XX X XXXXXX X XXXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXX

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