I’m the Name on Everyone’s Lips

(Praveen Vava)

About being the coolest girl...

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I wanna be the prettiest rose in the bouquet I wanna be the prettiest every day the world’s wanna look only at me for I’m the flavour of the day, every day. What’s new is hot on me what's hot looks good on me I’m a Queen, like in Midas’ story told everything I wear everything I touch turns into gold. Every girl wants to be me for I’m the dream that rocks their world every guy wants to be with me up high for I’m the dream that makes them sigh… Life’s too short ignore the world and what it thinks don’t lock step with the crowd follow XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXX X XX XX XXX XXXXXXXXXX X XXX XX XXX X XX XXX XXXXX X XX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX

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