I Blush

(Praveen Vava)

A song about a girl in love.

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The world knows how I feel what everyone knows why can’t you see isn’t it plain do you need me to explain you haven’t asked me yet but I’m all yours head to toe from now till I meet my bane for anything I’m fain. I blush when I see you I blush when you look at me I blush when I hear your name I blush when I think of you I blush thinking of the things I wish you’d do to me. You have me in a tizzy looking right looking left looking up looking down I’m a little dizzy my life is on hold for you watching hoping waiting I am by my door I am right here lest you should knock and I don’t hear and forever from my life you would disappear XX XXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXX X XXXXX XXXX X XXX XXX X XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XX X XXXXX XXXX X XXXX XXXX XXXX X XXXXX XXXX X XXXXX XX XXX X XXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX X XXXX XXXXXXX XX XX XXX

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