Show me the money

(Alan Evans)

A writers view

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I'm up all night by electric light writing songs for free life's a bitch people are getting rich but not a cent for me my fingers bleed to feed the need of musicians appetite so with that in mind it's back to the grind working through the night is it a waste of time when you don't see a dime for the hours that you burn live in hope to write the dope while waiting for your turn As for me, I live in glee as words roll from my mind I love to write long into the night new rhymes I love to find X XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX X XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXX X XXXX XXX XX

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