Alison Cohen

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This is about living with self hatred and depression and wishing you could see what others see when they see you. It touches on some touchy subjects like self harm.
Some people are the "life of the party" but then there are some people who are the opposite and just don't want to bring everyone down with them so they try to hide their true selves.
This is about falling for someone and being afraid to because the other person might not feel that deep about you.
This is about depression bringing you down all the time, sometimes for no reason, while someone or some people try to tell you it's easy to be happy because they don't understand how depression works. In the second verse, there is a reference to my favorite band. There is a song called "For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic" by Paramore. (The title is never said anywhere in the song). I reversed the title and made it them opposite and it's the second line of the second verse. I am sometimes an optimistic but only for other people's lives. Second verse also features the "F word".
This is about losing someone close to you. Specifically, according to the second verse, losing someone to smoking. It's also about not being religious or believing in God but you want the best for your loved one so you hope heaven is real.