Alison Cohen

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This is about being an ill person who visits the hospital more than the usual person. And it makes them feel like they should hate themselves because of it but their significant other helps them think otherwise. But they don't get to see each other often but their significant other is always there at every hospital visit and they have fallen in love with their significant other but their significant other is not *in* love just yet and while they do love their significant other it makes them a bit sad,
This is about living with depression and being afraid of talking about it with someone. Could be a friend, a significant other, family member, etc., no matter who it is, you're afraid of being a burden. But it's also about that special friend some people have that volunteer to help you with anything without you really asking.
This is about the everyday battle with anxiety. It can make you feel crazy when it makes you do things you don't want to or prevents you from doing something you want to. There are some music styling suggestions in the bridge. Ignore them if they don't fit what you want to create with these lyrics.
This is about being a mess of a person from stress, depression, etc. but also about being a mess of emotions because of your significant other making you that happy. It also infers wanting to become a mess in something intimate.
This is about a relationship I had with someone who was very close to a friend of his and they probably texted more than he talked to me and he always swore they were just best friends but just the way he talked to her, it was how I wished he talked to me. He may have been lying but maybe he really didn't realize he liked this person more than he liked me. This features a suggestion in the bridge where I state it should be only music for a while. That is how I heard it in my head when writing. If you create something with these lyrics that doesn't have that suggestion, that's perfectly fine.