Let Me In

(Ahjay Stelino)

A cheeky love song that is suited both to be sung as a modern soul track and also as a young singer-songwriter styled track.

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VERSE 1 Standing at your door Staring at the bell Do I let it ring, or walk away instead I know my knees are weak I know I get no sleep But baby let us start, Something we won’t regret PRE-CHORUS 1 It cold out on the grass Please warm my frozen heart Thaw me out in the hug Of your embrace I need another chance You've got to realise CHORUS You and I Together we'd be The greatest love affair If you only, only Let me In VERSE 2 There's always been a spark Right from the very start We fight and love and love and fight But make up in the end Our kiss can cure our ills We've lived through Love's hospitals We've fought and won And won and lost But never did give in PRE-CHORUS 2 We share a great history I know your geography Our stars align And XXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX X XXXXXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XX XXXXX X X XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX X XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX X XXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX X XXXXXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XX

© Ahjay Stelino 2017

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