Ahjay Stelino

AHJAY STELINO is a professional songwriter and music producer from Auckland, New Zealand.

Ahjay has been a professional musician for over 15 years. Ahjay has produced over 200 commercially released songs to date for clients all over the globe. He owns and operates Stelino Studios, a  world-class professional recording studio in Auckland. He is full writer member of the Australia Performing Rights Association (APRA). In 2017 and 2014, Ahjay was a winner in the New Zealand Ukulele Festival Uke-Can-Do-It songwriting competition with his songs "Happy Holidays" and "Ukulele Day. In 2015, Ahjay won the songwriting competition hosted by the "World Federation of Music" for their 30 anniversary celebrations with the song "WFMT." He plays a range of instruments including the guitar, bass, piano, drums and percussion.

Ahjay writes songs lyrics written with an honest and yet professional touch, ready for use in your next project!


#7 Suchergebnisse

A classic tease lyric waiting some funky beats to be added to it to create the next chart topping hit!
The ultimate stalker song! When you can’t get someone off you mind, these are the lyrics you wanna add a melody to and sing!
A rap about a great product that helps smooth out life’s tough moments :)
Summer! Glam! The 80s! Get all of this together in a neat package in the lyrics below! A happy positive bubblegum song that’s designed to just make people happy, no deep philosophical meanings here!
A cheeky love song that is suited both to be sung as a modern soul track and also as a young singer-songwriter styled track.