Brian Hendrix

Brian Hendrix still writes the old songs that Townes Van Zandt inspired in him. Catchy enough for the modern country audience, but meaningful and poignant as the lyrics that shaped an entire genre.


#65 Suchergebnisse

Wow. Can't believe I never posted this. Had this written for a while. I remember right after I thought of the main line here, which inspired the song, "Baby, you're mine," and the way I said it, that this was one of my top-20 songs before it was even finished. Yeah. I love this song. "Baby, you're mine... baby you're mine." The way it works for me, the second time is a lot quicker, which makes it sound very cool to sing. That's how I do it. Also, the verses immediately bleed into the chorus; that's just how it's set up.
This one is very much the "teen of the '90s" Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley that lives in my head. It's not nihilistic; it just is what it is. No chorus. For me, it's just acoustic between verses. Though the last line of each verse does pick up in inflection and tempo, so maybe that counts.
Cleaning out my Notepad tonight; all the songs I've written as concepts and out of boredom. Some make me cringe; though some are actually quite good, now that I read over them. This one is a little story-time deal. The chorus is the two lines between verses, saying how he rode home alone.
Was just feeling creative one night in Notepad. The chorus would be the one line between verses. I think it's a decently written song. It's quite descriptive.
In my Drive folder I have an entire folder titled "Semi," which contains dozens of songs I've half-written over the years. I browsed around through it and finished a couple I added here already. This song just had one line: "Like an old worn book that sits there on the shelf, full of the lies we tell ourselves." I couldn't remember if that was just part of a verse, or the hook and title. So I just wrote around it, a song about some of the lies many of us tell ourselves. Although it sorta just poured onto the page without me paying much attention, that last verse really gets me. "I'll get right to it, when I get a chance. And when the next slow song plays, that's when I'll dance." I guess something was burning in my mind, as that really hits close to home for me - the metaphorical nature of putting something off with a bargain, and then never doing it.