Brian Hendrix

Brian Hendrix still writes the old songs that Townes Van Zandt inspired in him. Catchy enough for the modern country audience, but meaningful and poignant as the lyrics that shaped an entire genre.


#65 Suchergebnisse

With all the love songs that have ever been written about the people we love, it's a stretch to imagine that anything's truly original. It might really all just be one giant song, just reworded and reworked every time. Well, if that's the case, here's another version of the "love song" from me, which is pretty catchy. The verse bleeds directly into the chorus, for more of an upbeat track, not a slow ballad. Pronounce "every" as "ev-er-ry" in the chorus and I think you'll be able to pick up what I intended with this one. I think the third verse is the strongest, perhaps of any song I've written for a while now, but it will be X'd out unless someone buys. My suggestion: Pick up a lower license, then come back for the exclusive rights once you see how strong that last verse is.
We live in a world where even those who claim to be charitable can be among the most greedy. As a kid, I remember hearing the story of Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues, and how he sold his soul to the Devil at a southern crossroads for fame and fortune. I used to sit around and wonder if other rich and powerful, greedy people made similar deals to step on the rest of us as they climb up the golden ladders of their ivory towers. This song is about the Devil speaking to these people to whom he's given Earthly wealth, before he ultimately collects. Is it all worth it? Well, if you don't have a soul...
Just the way we feel sometimes in love. All the lifetime full of things we can do, we're eager to just do them right away. Everyone has likely felt love with that new-penny shine. This is about that. Someone who wants to do it all with the person they love. I really love the way this chorus came out; it's so catchy yet not derivative.
Some people have turbulent relationships and maybe shouldn't be together. Even still, when the relationship has gone on for a few miles, some partners like to take that trip down memory lane. This is about a man who actually does love the woman, but doesn't see anything on that trip worth looking at. This one sorta poured out of me in around 5 minutes. The verse structure and cadence are incredibly unique, unlike anything else out there, which makes me like it enough to post it to my catalog.
My favorite song I've ever written. Perhaps my best. It has won 1st place in two contests, and 2nd place in a third. I have had four separate studios ask me to record it, my hesitation being that they would not allow my input in how they arranged it. I clung to it that tightly. Though after further consideration, I have to let it go. While it's mine, people who've read and heard it claim it's means a lot to them, and that they really enjoy it. It's my child; it really is. But like a bird, it has to fly on its own. My stubbornness in holding on to it isn't doing anyone any good. The song is about looking at a picture of my girlfriend, when she wasn't here, and swearing it was moving and speaking to me. Apparently, many people can feel this one like I can. That means a lot.