Christine Murphy

I have been writing for a while, but never thought about selling them I love to write, I really put my heart and thought in to my work, I will continue to write whether my work sells or not, but it would be nice if someone liked my work.


#13 Suchergebnisse

It's about a mother and her children letting them know how she feels before her life is over,
About two people who are going to be together for life and others are jealous of the love they have
This is about a boy and girl who loved each other and believed in the stars and there love for each other will never die.
This song is about a man who is telling the one he loves that there is no one else and no that he's been waiting for her all of his life just to be by her side and that she means the whole world to him
About a special person in someone's life and they never won't to let that person go. As she the best thing that has happened to him.