Christine Murphy

I have been writing for a while, but never thought about selling them I love to write, I really put my heart and thought in to my work, I will continue to write whether my work sells or not, but it would be nice if someone liked my work.


#13 Suchergebnisse

It's about A loved one who has died, And they return in yours dreams, in the dream it was so like they where there next to you and you where doing all the things you did with them in life, you long for the night so your special dream would return.
It's about someone who has had a broken heart, And the person, has to work at healing there hearts, they finally find true love, and the heart heals, then the heartache stops.
It's about A Girl who didn't care about herself, low self esteem, she lost everything, and she lost people's respect, she didn't know how to respect people who loved her, so she ended up with no one.