Drew Lopez

Drew Lopez is an extremely versatile lyricist. He began his work in song writing as a teenager. In high school, Drew was involved in an underground rap label. He began writing rap lyrics, but found he loved too many genres to write only one. He now writes lyrics for himself, and for other artist in need of a creative boost.


#10 Suchergebnisse

Very sad country style song. I was speaking to a woman at a bar who had given her daughter up for adoption. She knew that she was adopted and actually took to liking her biological mother. The woman said it kills her to not have her daughter with her but was very proud of the woman she was becoming.
This song represents same sex couples. I wrote this about a lesbian girl who was left hanging by her girlfriend. Basically, she was questioning herself and her worth. So this is a dark song that builds into an upbeat need to express your desires.
This song represents a conversation that never happened, but was what two people thought as they met at a dance. The first verse is a guy asking a girl to dance. The second verse is her exact response to each of his lines in the first verse.
A very "Rollingstones" inspired song. I imagined it with Mick Jagger's voice when I wrote it. This song is very upbeat and heavy guitar driven. I wanted it to go fast, and let the music sort of carry the song forward to the next line of lyrics. It's a fun song about drooling over a person who you are watching on stage.
This is an angry, but too sad to yell song. Where you are trying and trying to make a relationship work, but the other person won't try with you. We have all felt heartbreak and I feel this song makes it easy to see yourself in.