Erika Poling

Erika is very introspective and poetic; while still maintaining a pragmatic approach in her writing. Her lyrics are not forced and she includes words that encapsulate vivid images and rhythms.


#36 Suchergebnisse

Not all that glitters is gold.... sometimes it's silver. Perfection isn't real, but suicide is.
As an Aries, ( I may or may not know every detail about Astrology) these "lyrics" came natural to me. The "song" ( in which I created the key and melody) reflects a true Aries (fire) sun, and Scorpio (water) moon. The inspiration came from my wrist tattoo. It is an Aries sign with an added crown to complete the ink. My best friend and I got it together (crowns included)
Having fun? or finding love? Waiting for the day I find love fun...