Use You To Lose You

(Erika Poling)

Delusional love

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[ Verse 1 ] At what point does the sea touch the sky? Around the same time I stop pointing fingers And take control of the hurricanes destroying my insides … They’re controlling my mind And I can’t see where I need to start placing the blame Because my sea knows no peace, just heartache and pain And at my beach, the currents drag me to extremes At that point, I’m twisting in irrationalities … Filling my entire head [ Pre-chorus ] I’ll use you to lose you if my emotions are on deck Final destinations lead me to abandon ship Right before it wrecks You’re fatalistically intrigued But for me, there’s no such thing as tranquility And you’ll see it’s not a pretty scene … If you’re looking for a vacation [ Chorus ] Being with me means You best be the best damn sailor But if the weather is in your favor Then call me later operator XXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXX XX XX XXXXXXXX XXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX XX XX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX X XXXXXX XXXXX XXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX X XXXXXXXX X XXXXX X XX XXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX

© Erika Poling 2020

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