Jasmine Z Chin

Storyteller. Musician. Poet. Die-hard romantic.
Jasmine Z Chin is a versatile lyricist whose eclectic style explores the tangible and the ephemeral, and everything in between. At times tender and vulnerable; at times powerful and unapologetic. Her soul-stirring lyrics touch upon the themes of love and loss, and what it means to suffer and celebrate such experiences that make us human.


#11 Suchergebnisse

This is a song for the lonely and the weary who are hard on themselves. Just like yellow light, this song casts a mellow tone to soothe the soul when times get unbearably tough, and offer a tender space where one can finally let it all go.
Two former lovers meet on an empty bench on a busy street for a final goodbye in the rain. They both can no longer find the affection they used to hold for each other, and in bitter disagreement, the bridge between them is burned, leaving them to part as strangers.
A life hangs delicately in the balance as one is about to be put under. Time and emotions seem to stand still, as one finds serenity and certainty in the situation.
I am a seamstress weaving tales of heartache at the spinning wheel. I am an instrument with damaged strings, snapped after being toyed with. I am a jilted lover, determined to mend my own strings.
Through a series of questions that explores two love affairs, one present and one past, the betrayal of a former lover is gradually and painfully revealed.