Jasmine Z Chin

Storyteller. Musician. Poet. Die-hard romantic.
Jasmine Z Chin is a versatile lyricist whose eclectic style explores the tangible and the ephemeral, and everything in between. At times tender and vulnerable; at times powerful and unapologetic. Her soul-stirring lyrics touch upon the themes of love and loss, and what it means to suffer and celebrate such experiences that make us human.


#11 Suchergebnisse

This is a song for the fragile-hearted. A call to be less naive about how cruel the world can be, to be more resilient after having your heart broken, for the dance of love and pain will happen again and again.
Full of excitement and hope, one awaits the arrival of a newborn baby into our world in this lullaby filled with sweet imagery, wide-eyed wonder, and protective promise.
When love gives way to hate, the path of devastation is unstoppable with this volcanic eruption of anger. All will be destroyed. And yet, life will be reborn.
This song is about the moving sensations of being set free by love - at times drifting serenely, at times soaring passionately, and always in awe of how spectacular it all is.
Suspended between heaven and earth, a star gazer admires the brilliant night skies and the glittering cityscapes from the plane while thinking about home.