Karianne Gabaldon

Karianne Nicole Gabaldon is a Songwriter and Fan Fiction Author from Hugo, Oklahoma. She has been writing lyrics since the age of 13. She wrote her first actual song in 2010 at the age of 18. She works on, not only songs, but fan fiction stories on a daily. She had started to write for music artist, Jordan Carroll, but it didn’t turn out. She had also written for other musicians that had used her work but not exactly partnered up with her. She has schizophrenia, but instead of complaining, she makes the best out of life. She also has a lot of physical health issues as well but doesn’t let those get in the way of what she really wants...to be heard. Her mother, biological father, and stepfather are all incredible musicians who most likely made Karianne the songwriter she is today. She loves her life so much and is so thankful for the people in it-especially those who chose to follow her on her journey through music.


#62 Suchergebnisse

This is about a man I met through my best friend. The only thing is I met him on Facebook, but once I did, I immediately crushed on him. About 7 months later he finally starts calling me pet names and I suddenly come up with all these ideas and fantasies about what we do, where we live... aah! The possibilities! If only it were love...
Kind of a trashy song, but if you like trashy then these lyrics are for you! But a fare warning, this songs contains a lot of sexual content among other things such as drinking, profanity... not suggested for children. Enjoy all you bad bitches!
To the most wonderful person in the world; the woman who saved my life multiple times and would be willing to do it again; the woman who once raised me and still continues to do so... my mom. I love you, mom! And even though this song is pretty personal, you can always change it around once it’s yours.
When I was at my lowest, an experimenting teenager who wanted to fit in and gave into peer pressure, a friend had offered me something I fell into and couldn’t get enough of... whippets. I finally stopped, but this is my story. And I’m sure you might have a similar one.
We can all decide that there’s always at least one thing better than drugs; which even heroin addicts can resist, that is love. Love makes you do crazy things! So give me that syringe and let me get high off your love!