Karianne Gabaldon

Karianne Nicole Gabaldon is a Songwriter and Fan Fiction Author from Hugo, Oklahoma. She has been writing lyrics since the age of 13. She wrote her first actual song in 2010 at the age of 18. She works on, not only songs, but fan fiction stories on a daily. She had started to write for music artist, Jordan Carroll, but it didn’t turn out. She had also written for other musicians that had used her work but not exactly partnered up with her. She has schizophrenia, but instead of complaining, she makes the best out of life. She also has a lot of physical health issues as well but doesn’t let those get in the way of what she really wants...to be heard. Her mother, biological father, and stepfather are all incredible musicians who most likely made Karianne the songwriter she is today. She loves her life so much and is so thankful for the people in it-especially those who chose to follow her on her journey through music.


#43 Suchergebnisse

This is a fictional song about a man that is horrifically addicted to street drugs and he’s enjoying his trip until a beautiful woman walks by. Suddenly his trip goes from drugs to her. He falls for her instantly and decides to instead of go tripping on drugs, he’s now tripping on her love.
This is a fictional song about how a man was looking to buy a guitar and then ended up finding something better... or someone. They fall in love instantly. His life used to be in a rabbit hole and he was living kind of a messy lifestyle. But then he met her and she changed his life around, for the better.
Yet another wedding song. It’s talking about the basics; love, matrimony, and bride and groom. But this one also talks about changing and rearranging furniture and keys and everything else; sharing what’s both theirs now-or “His & Hers”. It’s very meaningful in a way of excitement because you’re first moving in together and you get to share your things that you love, both abstract and concrete.
Do I hear church bells ringing? Or should I say... snow falling? That’s right! This wedding song is about a beautiful wedding inside a snow globe; metaphorical obviously, but a snow globe nonetheless. It’s beautiful love shared while dancing around in the snow globe of life. A little upbeat too, maybe? That’s for you to decide!
Your typical everyday wedding song, but this shares both the bride and groom’s thoughts and actions on how they intend on spending the rest of their life together. If you need ima wedding song, might I suggest this one?