Mustang Z

Mustang Z is a singer, lyricist, and novelist. She has extensive experience of writing that spans from creativity to fiction to formal writing. Her writing has earned publications across the globe and she is enthusiastic to share it with artists who would share it with the world. Enjoy her beautiful expression of artistic lyrics as you create magical music. Enjoy!


#10 Suchergebnisse

Justice is lyrics that question the justice system and fights for the innocently convicted. The lyrics would suit an artist who is a rapper and has a voice that people could listen to and be moved!
Sauce Dip is sexy playful lyrics of wild imagination beyond chips and dip on how to spice sexy creativity with artistic expression. It's a very catchy song with a lot of Sauce Dip emphasis after most lines. It's also written with slang words to it that give it character to how an artist can interpret the wildness of dip and sauce, wink wink!
New York Lyrics are all things New York City. The food, the culture, the people, the buildings, the money, the gangs, the art, the sports teams, the artists and so much more. The Hooks are not repetitive, but rather expressive. The artist has a diverse way of using the lyrics to expand on their music with visual imagination and creativity, have lots of fun!
The lyrics expressed with a taste of California slang, the sunshine state is beautifully described with a creative sense of how to praise California without the need for exaggeration. The artist's imagination is broadened from the lyrics with so much in store for visual production and expression, enjoy.
These lyrics are not about colors or race. The word color within the lyrics has hidden meanings for the perceiver. The artist can express the lyrics in a wide variety of creativity based on how they choose the interpret and express the lyrics, get playful!