Mustang Z

Mustang Z is a singer, lyricist, and novelist. She has extensive experience of writing that spans from creativity to fiction to formal writing. Her writing has earned publications across the globe and she is enthusiastic to share it with artists who would share it with the world. Enjoy her beautiful expression of artistic lyrics as you create magical music. Enjoy!


#10 Suchergebnisse

These lyrics are playful, creative and witty with how time can be broadened in terms of definition, perception with character. An artistic way of using the concept time and expanding it through music that intrigue the listener with imagination.
Dear woman is a praise song for all women. It uplifts every woman regardless of race or identity. It reminds women to adjust and dust off their crowns and to radiate all that defines a woman. The lyrics have a sentimental and poetic sense to them, so it would suit an artist whose creativity sparks the praise of women beautifully.
These lyrics are of a woman who dreams of the love of her life, she has described him in a romantic magical mystery, the love of every girls' dream. These lyrics could suit any genre of music as the artist transposes the lyrics to the visual romance of joy and desire of love.
20's Money is about money and the decade that starts at 2020. It's lyrics that flirt with different ways in which money from the 2020 era is either earned or spent, legal or illegal, with who and where. 20's money includes the power of money, the chase of money and so forth. The lyrics are great for an artist who can use the lyrics to visualize how money in the modern era of the 2020 decade can be creatively expressed.
Brotherhood is lyrics written for the greater purpose of uplifting humanity. It isn't lyrics about the gender "brothers" but rather all different types of people collectively termed together as a brotherhood. It centers itself around uplifting people's differences that separate people and building one another with love, understanding, and communication through the lyrics. The lyrics are magnificent for an artist who seeks to bring all types of people together through this artwork of lyrics.