Paradox Of Love

(Nick Duer)

Once again an Angel song. It is more than a crush when any type of relationship would be enough. However that has become doubtful. The thing that is without doubt. She inspires song after song. Can't ask for more, or I would.

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I am the line that can't be crossed The employee that no one bossed The salad that can't be tossed I am the fortune, that nobody lost I am the race that can't be won I'm the trigger that has no gun The love song that nobody sung I am the game, that's just not fun I am the sun that will not rise The eagle that never flies I am the lash stuck in your eyes The only love, that you despise I am the trip you did not take The glass you drop that doesn't break I am the icing that has no cake The real thing, that feels so fake I'm the coupon that expires in the store The welcome mat where there is no floor The handle that will not open the door I'm all of that, and so much more I'm the lie that turned out to be true The only cloud in a sky of blue I'm the lace but where's my shoe I'm the man, that loves only you You're the girl makes this heart skip a XXXX X XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX X XXXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XX X XXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XX X XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XX XXXXXX XXX XX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXXX X XXXX XXX XX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXX X XXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX

© Nick Duer 2019

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Easter Truth

By Nick Duer

This is a song about my beliefs. They are non religous. Yet spiritual. To me religion has too many traditions and borders. Saying one is wrong and should or will perish. My belief is that we are all instruments and lyrics in the most beautiful song ever written. The love song written by our creator, we are one with that creator when we show compassion and love for one another.

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Crazy Beautiful

By Nick Duer

Another Angel song. She has long flowing hair, and drives a jeep alot of the time. She commented one day that her hair was crazy. I'm living a long way away, and I don't think it was jeep weather there. However I pictured her in the jeep hair blowing everywhere and shorts. A beautiful picture indeed. So my comment was crazy beautiful. I added that was a good song title. I was headed to a doctors appointment that day. So as I waited I wrote the first draft. Here is my final version.

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Out Of My Hands

By Nick Duer

This is a spiritual song. Kind of the serenity prayer to music. If someone with musical talent can do that. It is also a song of life and it's unknown way of leading us. Even when we think that we are leading life.

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Love Trap

By Nick Duer

Chalk another song up to the Angel. Not sure what, or why the thought of the woman does what it does to me. But in the long run it is inspiring. She as I have stated before doesn't share my feelings. But that is what love is, giving. Giving without thought of the return. If nothing else her beautiful eyes, and even more beautiful way of caring without giving in teaches me what I did not practice before. True giving in love. It's my hope to feel this way and have it returned. If not in the spirit of love I give, and I write.

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Show me the way

By Nick Shirey

A song about opiate addiction and losing love then finding god

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Next Time will be more Love

By Christian Schmidt

The song text deals with the end of a love between two people. The lyrical I remember the love back and is worried about the uncertain future.

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Barstools and painted faces

By Shirl Gomez

Mellow lost love heart break kind of song. Searching for what she’ll never find. The one that she let go was more than she even knew. Sad song but rings so true

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You know I love you

By Ivan Hart

An anti-valentine song. Showing how frivolous some treat love.

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