Peter Lastima

Jean-Pierre, or Peter, Lastima has written extensively in a range of different incarnations. Raised on WS Gilbert, Michael Flanders and Noel Coward he has written lyrics, and sometimes the music, for rock songs, country and western, slices of opera and comic review and even once, long ago and far away, for a punk band. His own voice is lucid, lyrical and, often humorous but he can also write to order in a wide range of styles and in English, Spanish and French.


#11 Suchergebnisse

This is a torch song - of the kind sung, once, by the likes of Dean Martin or Tony Bennet or perhaps even Sinatra, in smoky night clubs, or, with a bit of adjustment, by Eartha Kitt or Ella Fitzgerald. The sequence of flight, pursuit and reconciliation is complete but here the setting is a classical one - the couple having found their way home to a Babylon set way back in antiquity.
The narrator loves all the year round. His girl, on the other hand, migrates like the wild geese, flying away every spring.
A sharp, and shortish (three verse and one chorus), song about long-term unrequited love
A nostalgic and sentimental song about England as recalled by expatriates, far from home and missing a gentle, and rather traditional, version of the green and pleasant land.
Possibly an anthem of sorts, celebrating the good days that keep us all going