Peter Lastima

Jean-Pierre, or Peter, Lastima has written extensively in a range of different incarnations. Raised on WS Gilbert, Michael Flanders and Noel Coward he has written lyrics, and sometimes the music, for rock songs, country and western, slices of opera and comic review and even once, long ago and far away, for a punk band. His own voice is lucid, lyrical and, often humorous but he can also write to order in a wide range of styles and in English, Spanish and French.


#11 Suchergebnisse

No doubt farm boys fall in love with riverboat croupiers all the time. This one has it bad. He probably knows that Mississippi alligators have better things to do than chase love-sick suitors. But it may be that he hopes that she doesn't.
There is something fascinating and compelling about strong characters. Here is a song about just such a one. Although it may be that in this case that strength of character is turning out to be a bit too much of a good thing,
A road song, possibly in need of a wistful country tune. The traveller comes to yet another town, yearns to say, but knows it is their fate to keep heading on down the road. This draws upon road-trips in America years ago - small towns, motels, bars - but could apply just as well to any of the three other continents across which I have made sporadic and poorly-planned expeditions.
A song about that girl that you see , or of whom you see different incarnations, across the world and who is defined by her remoteness and inaccessibility. Were you to meet her, and get to know her, it is possible that that her allure might fade. But you're never going to find out.
That "Take a Chance on Me" sentiment. But expressed here with slightly neater rhymes and a passing reference to Colwyn Bay. .