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#309 Suchergebnisse

This is a song about an unexpected connection at a wedding and the joy it brings to two consenting adults who make love under the moon and the rising sun.
Sometimes you love someone deeper then you’ve ever known; for nothing in return, and it’s still not enough. You do your best and remain whole and true to yourself through it all.
When you love someone express it. You can never get it right and you can never do enough. Though you can hope your correct because none are perfect. Express to her, if she’s worth it, even if your nervous.
"You" is a song which I wrote after the breakup with my last girlfriend. I felt heartbroken and started to write it. After I realized that writing this song helps me to get over the relationship, I intentionally started to write short verses and repetitions. The lyrics show that it's obvious that you miss your ex girlfriend, but you also have to know when to give up this fight. So there's still something positive about the text. Of course you miss her, but she forget you and so you have to move on to another adventure. In my opinion this text would work out well in an EDM song, because the lyrics are "catchy".
The understanding of a man and a woman's life together trying to get through life's troubled times. As long as the Lord continues to work through them, they can do it together.