Alex Jayanty

Alex Jayanty is a lyricist who loves the art of language because of his love for hip/hop. He has been influenced by some of the greatest lyricists of our time such as Talib Kweli, and Yasiin Bey as well as many others. He is a lover of all music and thus can write lyrics to suit various music genres. His style is versatile and can touch on many subjects. He was a biology major and a medical student and thus has been exposed to various fields of study such as philosophy, physics, mathematics, biology, biochemistry, and many other facets of science. He explores a wide array of information and writes lyrics touching on these various realms he explores. He is an explorer of the universe and the world around him thus he has interacted with various people from different walks of life. Thus he has been exposed to a variety of worlds that others may of never explored. He enjoys reading history, philosophy, as well as various novels. He then utilizes what he reads in order to generate lyrics to touch on topics he explores. He is a lover of all people and seeks to make the world a better place by using his lyrics as window into atrocities that people face in the past and the present.


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This is a depiction of Nazi Germany and some of the factors that played a role aiding to fuel the Nazi war machine