Alina Maurer-Bock

ALINA MAURER-BOCK is an upcoming, talented songwriter from Germany.
- A young lyricist, full of ideas, dreams, wishes and experiences -
No matter if it is in English or in German, she puts down to paper what’s on her mind, according to her motto:
“Composing and creating rhymes and texts is a gift that has to be shared.”


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You can reach everything in life. You just have to go for your dreams and believe that anything is possible.
„Hope“ is something that makes life easier. This text is about not waiting to long for the perfect day or time but to take the moment and just make it perfect.
Im Moment schlägt das Leben auf der Erde einen anderen Takt. Die Welt dreht sich zwar weiter, aber unser Alltag und unser Leben wird auf den Kopf gestellt.
At the moment our world seems to need a break. This text describes the current situation. We don’t have a normal everyday life. Everything seems unreal and we don’t know when it will be over.
Der Text beschreibt eine romantische Sommernacht, in der alles möglich ist. Frühlingsgefühle im warmen Sommer, draußen in der Natur sein, mit Wein im Kerzenschein...