Hayden Coil

Hayden Coil is a young, thoughtful, burgeoning musician who finds himself simply writing too often to utilize all of his material. A driven artist, he is always finding time to jot down quick, passionate verses or fully realized lyrical ideas, and finds great comfort in being able to share some of that overflow with fellow musicians of similar drive. His lyrics often have a bit of a depressing, pessimistic undertone, but can vary greatly in emotional content depending on his mental state at the time, and inspiration taken from daily life. His greatest asset(fault) is his unwavering integrity. Where there may be metaphors or hyperbole there is no smoke and mirrors.


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A man long ago lost the one he loved, and is now confronted with a reanimated version of her, demanding payment for a deal he made long ago on that fateful night. Holly, or this pale, walking imitation of her, is not the young, naive girl he fell in love with. Now he's the naive one, and soon...he won't be anyone. Perhaps she should have been more precise in his wording, perhaps he should have let her go.
A man gets surprisingly good news from a trip to his doctor, and realizes he has reason for hope. He doesn't rightly know what to do with this information and begins to contemplate a brighter future for himself, while simultaneously drawing back from it due to an established comfort with his much developed, brooding nature. By the end of the song is he deciding to finally think positively and change his life for the better? Is he finding himself too far gone, disillusioned and contemplating suicide? It's ambiguous, and it's whatever you feel is apt for you in the moment.
A socially conscious, iconoclast tale of a tragic heroin, Ida Sue, who in the beginning of the seemingly hopeful tune believes she's the one calling the shots, before finding out they've been playing a more secret, devious game. It's a song about a tired, sexist system that aches for change, but that change is not going to come easy. It's the times, but as another world weary soul once prophetically said, The Times Are A-Changin'. And They indeed are, but not nearly fast enough for poor Ida Sue.
A rumination on the damage down to others unwillingly by one's own hand. It's about feeling like you're a walking cancer, feeling like you're not worth anything. At it's essentials, and it is essentially a simple, minimalist song, it's about self-doubt. Although don't grab you're tissues just yet, it ends with a glimmer of hope. A attempt to balance pessimism with optimism for a healthier psychological beverage, ready for intake.
This song is a downtrodden, heart wrenching tale of losing someone you deeply loved for years, who once shared your bed but now haunts it. A meditation on the mental effects of grief, think Mount Eerie's A Crow Looked At Me. It is also a reflection of the narrator as much as it is a reflection on their relationship. Like the way losing one you consider your "better half" can make you want to stare in a mirror for a time, checking to see if you're still all there. The part where is reads "Sorry Charlie" is an obvious reference to Charlie Sheen's "Tiger Blood" era, commenting on another form of mental disorder altogether and admitting to the lack of energy or fortitude to deal with these things(the haunt) with similar gusto. This song probably won't make for easy listening, but you perhaps could forge a somber piano ballad out of it, with muffled or bluesy guitar sections separating the verses, and it would probably help if you can really sell the vocal delivery in a personal, intimate way. Or use a good deal of reverb, emphasizing the distanced, alienated place that the narrator's head is at. But that's just are off the cuff suggestion. This is the kind of song written not out of artistic ambition per se, but an extreme need to exorcise the demons of a tormented psyche. I hope you find something in it that moves you, albeit in a gentler way.