Ines Horvat

"Oooooh, what a mess I am,
not caring for redemption,
not giving it a second glance.
Oooooh, what a mess I am,
just falling down, hitting hard,
that has become my life.
(Redemption, redemption!)"

Yes, I'm a songwriter. What you see above is part of my song (lyrics) called Redemption. And yes, you can find it on this site.

Since I was small I was mesmerized by all forms of art. From photography to music.
I believe that art is the core of my soul. I'm an endless dreamer and I'm fu****g proud of it!

Best wishes to you,
I. H.


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Those lyrics happened when I put my former relationship into words... and yes my ex was a mistake I made, learned it the hard way! But it made me stronger, wiser and better!
Every human gets lost on his path at least once in life. Some for few hours, others for years. Some never find a way out of the darkness.
Happy Birthday song. Life is like a book they say, you write new pages, chapters from day to day, till a whole year has gone by. Then is time to shine, celebrate! Happy Birthday to you!
The wife loved and cared for her husband, but then she saw the messages ...her husband was a lying cheater!
Christmas song, filled with love, romance, happiness. This song is about the magic of December.