Ines Horvat

Ines Horvat, songwriter.

>Best works all always made, when an artist writes, paints or creates from the deepest part of their soul.<

Who is Ines Horvat, you ask?
A friendly bookworm in her twenties (university student), who loves all forms of art, nature and animals. Since the young age I loved to paint, take photographs wherever i went, write simple poetry for school, short stories for my family to read.
My inspiration is my life - from happiness to broken heart, family and friends, traveling experiences, my pug, books I have read, mountains that I have conquered ... It's a neverending path.

PS.: I believe that I'm what you are searching for.

Every human gets lost on his path at least once in life. Some for few hours, others for years. Some never find a way out of the darkness.
Happy Birthday song. Life is like a book they say, you write new pages, chapters from day to day, till a whole year has gone by. Then is time to shine, celebrate! Happy Birthday to you!
The wife loved and cared for her husband, but then she saw the messages ...her husband was a lying cheater!
Christmas song, filled with love, romance, happiness. This song is about the magic of December.