Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher is an 18 year old with a passion for lyricism and music as a whole. His lyrics are a representation of his thoughts, experiences, and ultimately his mind. Jack began writing lyrics/poems to help him escape from reality, to put his thoughts and emotions to paper and create something that gave him a sense of self-appreciation. His songs incorporate different moods and themes such as depression, sadness, anger, darkness and love. Jack's songs can be comforting and discomforting at the same time, they are often relatable but contain dark tones and language within that can put readers on edge, though it gives them a true insight into his mind and his ability to raise emotions amongst readers, and future listeners!

His songs are ready for your melodic genius!


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Loving and caring about someone who doesn't feel the same way back is one of the worst feelings and experiences you can have. Always putting someone first who doesn't do the same, caring about their emotions and wellbeing when yours doesn't cross their mind at all. You're there for them to open up to, but you can't do the same because they wouldn't care, so you pretend you're okay all the time. That is what this song is about.
Meraki means to put something of yourself into something, devoting your love and compassion into something you work for/on. This song is about greed. Greed can come in many forms but this is about those who have a greed for attention and affection from others, to boost their ego and self-worth at the expense of other people. They'll make promises they won't follow through with, and give false hope and false love to those who are nothing but genuine with them. However, karma catches up, the wrong doings come back around, and the people who done right by those who done them wrong, the effort and time they put in will come back around and it will be worth it.
The words of a loved one can have an everlasting impact on us. They can give you a feeling of self-worth, make you feel loved and appreciated, and can be the boost needed when you're feeling down. Word pills is about a boy who felt worthless, lonely and hopeless, until he fell in love with a girl who changed everything. She gave him that boost he needed and he truly loves her for it and would return the favour no matter what it took.
Love, a word we grow up throwing around like it's nothing. Then as we grow older and learn its true power, we attach it to less and less things, less and less people. So when we attach it to someone and they leave, we are often left hopeless and vulnerable, with nothing but memories of how magical it once was, the depictions of love in movies we grew up watching and believing all seem untrue now, unrepresentative of how damaging love really can be.
A song about someone who is fed up faking their smile, of faking their happiness and persona to be accepted by others and to be seen as ‘normal’. However, it isn’t normal to pretend to be what you are not, and this person has come to realise that. An emotional, angry piece that depicts the harsh reality of depression and it’s effects.