P.L. Big Jue

The first time I heard Cause N Effect I felt as though my mind was just plugged into some type of abstract bio-mechanical vocal technology.
The seemingly simple yet complex and genuinely original urban literary content is luminous and uplifting to say the least.
Ever so often true talent emerges to provide the game with a much needed sense of realism and equilibrium that reminds us of the first time we fell in love with music. All jokes aside, In my opinion Cause N Effect is the embodiment of that first lyrical love.


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To keep it quite simple this song was written in an attempt to kind of ease my longing for someone that I could share things I was learning with, and her be receptive and our bond grow strong and we become as One.
We don't go to clubs or anything like that because I have always been kicked out of every one for fighting, this verse however was wrote to a crunk beat we produced one day in attempt to do as folks requested which was for us to write a club song. I made the attempt and this is what came about.
This song and all songs that I (P.L. of C.N.E) have written that display the presence of my yearn for, or attraction to the feminine essence of the universes in an attempt to describe the feeling, imagery or simply poetically express aspects of the events involved including any imaginative properties are an outlet for my love for writing and eternal love for the mother of my only child. This one so happened to come about one day as a beautiful woman walked towards the bus stop I was posted up at while waiting for a by to get back to the halfway house in Denver