Marta Dudkowiak

You can imagine myself however you want to. Create a picture of me in your head based on what you'll read. Let my lyrics in your head, relate them to yourself. That's what you would do anyway. I don't exist. Only my poems do. I am in them. And you are too.


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Inspired by Marilyn Monroe diaries. She needed her lover to catch her when she was falling apart. He did not.
You wish you could make him love you ,but you can't. You love him but he loves someone else.
As well as she knows he doesn't love her and she sould let him go , she still hopes he'll fall for her on day. The song is her memories from the night she felt as if he loved her. The end of the song expresses the hope she still has.
Before the final decision of leaving the world , a girl turns to the stars. Wishing to be washed away stands for not wanting to kill herself but gently disappear to not have to deal with reality of not being loved back.