Nate Marolli

A young Australian born lyricist with a love for hip hop, Nathan discovered his talent for poetry in his early school years and inevitably began writing his own pieces. His lyrical style reflects a deep respect of his art form and his honest articulation of the human condition are sure to leave an impression on his listeners.


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Have you ever tried to pull someone out of poor circumstances and help them grow only for them to fall back into the same bad habits that made them miserable in the first place? This song is about a relationship falling apart because of such a situation. It would suit a punk rock style band who are serious about the dynamics of their music.
A lover suspects their counterpart of being unfaithful. A punk rock style song.
Wisdom is invisible to the ignorant. If you seek it, often it will present itself. This is a song describing how much of western culture has forgotten and even neglected the teachings of the past, religious or otherwise, and how there is much to be learned from our roots if we just take the time to learn.
A borderline controversial punk-style piece, written about the way rebellion has lost its meaning in modern society and has moved from making a statement to becoming a trend. Where certain things were seen as an act of rebellion in the past, they are now seen as fashion, and some individuals have adopted movements and abandoned free thought.
A look at the events that take place when a government fully betrays its people, and how vulnerable we are as a society.