Article about Premium Lyrics on Sound on Sound Recording Magazine

2019-12-04 Press release


The World's best Music Recording Magazine "Sound on Sound" just raised an article about PREMIUM LYRICS.

Check it out here:

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New Article about PREMIUM LYRICS on Performer Magazine

2019-07-13 Press release


Check out this article about PREMIUM LYRICS published on the famous Performer Magazine website performer.mag:

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Premium Lyrics Reaches Big Milestone

2019-02-15 Press Release


Premium Lyrics Reaches Big Milestone; Musicians Now Have Access to More than 1,000 High-Quality Lyrics Since its official launch less than two years ago, Premium Lyrics has become a leading site for artists to buy and sell lyrics.

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Songwriting Industry Disrupted by New Royalty-Free Lyrics Service

2017-10-31 Press release

New Music Industry Innovation provides royalty-free song lyrics for musicians and composers.

A Global Platform based out of Germany, PREMIUM LYRICS, has innovated a web platform that provides royalty-free song lyrics for musicians and composers. The web platform, which will go live tomorrow, has rendered the industry’s need to set aside large budgets for lyricists obsolete.

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