Andreas Joklitschke

Writing lyrics for more than 25 years has provided Andreas Joklitschke with the experience to write about almost everything and for a wide range of musical genres. Rock, Metal, Ballads, Blues, Pop ... you name it.
Being a singer and musician himself he always has a keen eye on the needs of the vocalist so he can fit the lines into the melody easily without having to compromise.


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Written from the perspective of someone who ist driven by his ego and the will to be the best in everything. A narcisstic egomaniac being unable to see eye to eye and finally realizing that he is left all alone.
As the title suggests this song is about finding someone who helps you find happiness in life. Someone who helps you out of a dark place and lifts you higher up than you were before.
An emotional ballad about the moment when a couple realizes that it's over and it's better to end the relationship than to keep on hoping things will get better. It is about moving on and someday finding a new love and knowing the desicion was right.