Awuah-Mainoo Gabriel

Gabriel Awuah Mainoo, special prize winner of Soka Matsubara international Haiku contest and semifinalist of Ito Eno haiku Grand prix North America 2019 is the author of ‘Travellers gather dust and lust’, ‘chicken wings at the altar’ and ’60 aces of haiku’. He serves as project manager for Ghana Writes literary group and creative editor for WGM magazine. He has featured in/on The Cicada’s cry; a haiku micro-zine based in USA, Attempt at exhausting a place in Leicestershire, London, Writers Space Africa, Missouri Baptist University’s Fireflies’ Light, Haiku universe journal, Kalahari review, Ghana Writes journal, The Haiku Foundation, Better than Starbucks, Malawi’s Nthanda review and elsewhere. He’s been included in Best New African Poets 2018 anthology, Bodies & Scars anthology; attempt at exhausting a place in Leicester volume, poetry leaves bound volume, the Cicada’s cry special edition; moon, Quesadilla and other adventures among others.
Critics affirm that his remarkable use of words marks as a "lyricist extraordinaire". He prepares words for the soul ranging from, reggae, jazz, soul music, blues, hip hop, country, oldies, spoken word and anything that relieves the spirit. Bring it on folks; if you got the beat, he's got the lyrics. Mainoo is a tennis player in the morning, a student in the afternoon and writer in the evening.


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When that special sweetheart leaves, taking your breathe and heart away.
This piece portrays the cruel ways of colonial masters. As objects were used to paint the scene of misery and finally freedom that came at the end.
Voice of a stranded life abroad, yearning to return matter the situation, home is really where the heart is.
Calling our sleeping heroes and sojourners to come home for us to build a great African empire!