MILLENNIAL GENERATION, as the title of this song, is carefully selected. in this track, AYOMI tries to remind the youth of the world of their strength, exceptional ability to rule the world. More like a gospel oriented song, Millennial generation spurs the youth to use their power for peace rather than war, oneness (with the deliberate use of "WE") rather than disunity, and love rather than hatred. This song is capable of changing people's orientation from viewing the world as a place of distress to a place where pleasure is derived and harmony is achievable.

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VERSE 1 We are strong we are bold For we have God It's more than gold We are the pride of our generation Our light will shine across all Nations We are salt made by His word We shall give taste to the world CHORUS For we are millennial generation spreading good news We shall stand in one accord and fight against spirit of the flesh We shall reign in righteousness We are more than conqueror VERSE 2 Let all youth come And let's be one With our strength, gospel will spread No more backsliding, no more pretending Heaven is the reason why we are rejoicing The land XX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXX XX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX

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