Jordan Lewis

With an artillery of vocabulary and flow Jordan Lewis uses his versatility to write for both men and women and different styles of rapping and singing. His genre ability includes: Rap,Hip-Hop, RnB and indie/alternative for the time being, as he is currently studying other genres to add into his spectrum of capability.


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This song simply states: I can, I will, I am.
When did we leave behind our happiness for a check and sell our dreams for comfort? When did we start wishing for the days to be over? Who said you're to old to do kid things?
The song depicts an individual's walk with god and how far they've came from good to bad
It was it's me. Feeling lost without a place to truly call my home. The world can seem like such a big place when your own your own can't it? But I guess we have no choice but to take it on one day at a time.
As time flies by in life, we tend to look back and reflect on our memories and the things we did as a youth. These things are often best spent with the one you made those memories with