I Can't Win

(Elizabeth Frerking)

This is a song about not being able to find love no matter where you go.

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[Chorus] All the men and the women despise me I can't win, oh, I can't win Every hour, every minute I'm longing But I can't win, no I can't win. [Verse #1] From L.A. to Beijing No one feels anything Except for me Except for me [Verse #2] From London to Sydney There ain't no one with me Not night nor day Not night nor day [Chorus] [Verse #3] From Christmas XX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XX XX XXX XX XX XXX XXXXXXXX

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