Hayden Coil

Hayden Coil is a young, thoughtful, burgeoning musician who finds himself simply writing too often to utilize all of his material. A driven artist, he is always finding time to jot down quick, passionate verses or fully realized lyrical ideas, and finds great comfort in being able to share some of that overflow with fellow musicians of similar drive. His lyrics often have a bit of a depressing, pessimistic undertone, but can vary greatly in emotional content depending on his mental state at the time, and inspiration taken from daily life. His greatest asset(fault) is his unwavering integrity. Where there may be metaphors or hyperbole there is no smoke and mirrors.


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As the title suggests, a song of intense depression pessimism, but one that eventually steps out of it's languid but necessary pace to search for meaning to existing, to carrying on without the one who is no more. It's about the necessity of this person's particular trial in order to eventually wade his way out of it victorious and carefree. To learn to live a peace in the haunt of death and to learn to love again is the point and attempt of this material. It's an exorcism of doubt and depravity and a catapult into someplace less moodily ambiguous. I hope you can make the tough slog through the material, and my heart, and find something inspiring in it by the end, as I know I have.
Essentially a 2 part song. The first half is meditating on various descriptions of modern culture that all add up to something both attractive to the existentially weary youth and cancerous to the already initiated. Much like drugs. The second half becomes a bit more centered on telling a story of a product of this culture who gets wooed by a "Guru" who promises all the answers to life's big questions, says all the right things but leaves out some necessary, actual truths. Such as at the end of this faux-shamanistic journey he's taking them on is death, a death that he was not prepared for or expecting, and his last minute fears are swayed by the unyielding faith of the other followers. Making this quite a tragic tale indeed.
A hefty helping of alienation and disillusionment from a lonesome protagonist whose name you just want to sneer at. But by the end of the song you realize the lyrics are not just about Ness, but about a much larger cultural divide, a dissonance, a malaise plaguing society as a whole. Where to be a disaffected youth is both cool and shunned, where it's alright to alienate others but God help you when you get older. It's about a culture of loneliness growing comfortable in that funk, then living tired lives of regret, growing old in their underwater caverns, shunning the light that was once so uncooth to bask freely and publicly in.
A short, simple ode to the songs of old that inspire so many tired musicians of today who can't seem to reach those same creative heights, or perhaps care to. A celebration of living in the now, of the punk rock attitude, and of artistic integrity. It's concerned with maintaining the mindset of "what is happening now?" rather than "what happened yesterday and why?"
Memories from the past cause the protagonist to start yearning for a woman he once loved, while he was still in a relationship with his loving current wife. It finally eats at him from the inside and his wife is immediately there to comfort him and accept his sins. He realizes his mistake and vows to forget Marie, and embrace his fragile, tender wife, Annabeth.