TheBoyJulio started writing lyrics as a young teenager, usually about a girl, his dreams or his family. Born in Munich moving to the US and then back to Germany, TheBoyJulio has had the privilege to see many things and learn different languages and cultures. This gave the young lyricist a lot of inspiration, often times feeling homesick or unaccepted in his new surroundings. James uses music to compensate these emotions, which he says, helps him a lot! Most of his lyrics are rap, but opposed to many other rappers of this new era, TheBoyJulio neglects the use of many curse words, as he doesn't see any purpose in it and sees that "as the reason that rap is unpopular in an older generation, which it shouldn't be!" His artist name is TheBoyJulio referring to an old exchange student out of Haiti after the strong earthquakes hit Haiti and his community offered Haitians care!


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A song about the tough relationship in a family. But whatever happens in a family only makes it stronger, even if sometimes the actual members don't realize it. This song shows that developement, the artist complains about the bad relationship and how everybody does what they want. In the end, the artist expresses his strong love for his mother and the rest of his family! Very emotional but also very loving!
In this song "Come on" the artist tries to appeal to his ex-lover who he dearly misses. He is torn between loving her or hating her, like in so many love stories. He tries to understand what went wrong, but just can't explain it himself. he did everything he could but it just didn't work. This causes him to be frustrated with himself and with her. He reflects back on all the good and bad memories through out the song. This is supposed to be rap, pretty slow and singy.
In family ties the artist explains his relationship to his Family. The first stanza he explains how his family always had trouble getting along. In the second stanza he explains how his dad just left and left his mother and his sister alone. Third stanza he explains how he still didn't get along well with his mother but still loved her with all his heart. the refrain is to be sung by a high voice and to be seen as the completion of the last sentence of each stanza.
One Love is about a big love that the artist had, but the girl wasn't ready to commit! It hurt hime so bad, he was filled with pain. To compensate for that he wrote this song!
"Look at us" describes the the developing of the artist and his crew after being thought to fail in life and finding his own path. He describes different steps that he went through and how it wasn't always easy. Ms. Peggy was his 8th grade teacher who didn't like him at all and Mr. C was his P.E. teacher who always talk down on him, didn't let him on to the travel team even though he was good enough. Emmie was his first crush and H-A-G is a dude from his school who he hated.