Pray for Life

(Vicky-lee Harris)

Bad choices in life

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Did I lose another night? Did I gain another day Should I give this up? Or let it take me away I pull the blinds to see the sun I ask myself was that all the fun Am I to dare the world this way My mind comes down to where I don't wanna be I know it's coming, can't stop the fire inside of me Again my hell begins another day Why do I do this every time Why is the shadow so inviting I catch me drifting away from me Why don't I see the danger in the lighting Chorus: Can't feel the sun, don't want the pain I swear to me, never again But I know in time I'll seek my friend I'll track him down, until my end Just close my eyes and pray for life I know it's hard, dying inside But I can't give in, can't fade away 'Cause I know my strength is here to stay I pray for life Starting fun is always easy I think "I hope I never find the end" When do you finally stop to realize This way your problems never mend The choice is there, reach out and hold While crying out first daylight tears 'Cause you know deep in your fragile mind Again you've accomplished your worst of fears Do you hold on to sobriety Or away Heaven's light to take your soul You know what it is you need to do To get out of your midnight hole I find myself wondering the street And wondering who of me I'll meet The shadowy world of forgotten lives Will it be strength in me that survives I plead with you, keep my hands XXXX XX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XXX XXXX XXXX X XXXX XX XXXX XXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXXXXX X XXXXX XX XXX XXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXX XXX X XXXXXXXXXX XXX X XX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX X XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XX XX XXXXXX XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XX XXXX XX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX X XXXXX XXX XX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXX X XXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXX X XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX

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