Laughter lines

(Alan Evans)

A woman ageing gracefully

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The lines on your face Your silver grey hair Time stole your beauty But you don’t care You earned every line That shows on your face Every grey hair That hangs out of place Time is the thief It doesn’t do to dwell Each little worry Will have a line to tell Laughter lines are no joke Crows feet attack the eyes You can deny ageing But the mirror tells no lies Your smile is in the answer That speaks behind the mask There’s still a young girl hiding If they XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XX XXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX

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