Awuah-Mainoo Gabriel

A.M. Gabriel popular known as "the lyricist extraordinaire" is a poet, playwright, lyricist as well as a tennis professional. He hails from the heart of Ghana, In the Greater Accra region. Most of his writings have appeared in most prestigious
literary magazines, websites and journals. There is no doubt he is a lyric specialist because his artistic prowess in writing is highly remarkable.
He prepares words for the soul ranging from, reggae, jazz, soul music, blues, hip hop, country, oldies, spoken word and anything that relieves the spirit and soul.
Bring it on folk; if you got the beat, he's got the lyrics.

There's no perfect remedy than the one nature gives. I've been broken and betrayed countless times, aftermath this very song which came out spontaneously amidst a flowery ambiance where i use to sit turns out to be my deliverance and comforter. My thanks to nature.
Most palpably everyone wishes everyday is a Friday night, doing the cheers, hanging the suit, and joining and friends on the dance floor after a long week hardwork.
When that special sweetheart leaves, taking your breathe and heart away.
Living the new African dream. Rebuilding a greater African empire!