(Valeria Talavera)

This is a song about being in love with someone and thinking that that person felt the same way, but then realizing they don’t. They played with your heart. And trying to get over them but finding it hard to because you can’t stop thinking about them and the things they said.

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Tell me all these pretty things, you don't know how much it stings. Flying up you give me wings, but then you go and cut my strings. And your words they're like bullets. They go straight to my heart. I’m trying not to act foolish, but you’re just breaking me apart. You’re like a million miles from me, And I know it’s not what it seems. Still you come to me in all my dreams, And I just want to be set free. Tell me... How am I supposed to get you out of my head? How am I supposed to get over you? XXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XX XXX XX XX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX X XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXX X XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XX XXXXXXXX

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