The Idea of You

(Valeria Talavera)

This is a song about being confused about your feelings for a person. Not knowing if you really love them or not, and not wanting to play with their feelings because that person is very special to you but also remaining true to yourself.

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Intro: I like the idea of you, I like the idea of you, It’s true. And I think I like you too. I’m pretty sure I like you... too. Verse 1: When you tell me how pretty I look in the mornings, When you stare at me and you think that I don’t notice, When you talk to me when it’s getting late. I’d like to think that this isn’t fake. Chorus: Cuz you’re too good, too good for me. And I pull through cuz you’re sweet, But I think I fell in love with your words, your personality. I’m stuck between realities, Cuz I confused you with the idea of you, I confused you with the idea of you. Verse 2: All the things you say, you always leave me wondering. And you stare into my soul, it’s so daunting. XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXX X XXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXX X XXXXX X XXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXX X XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX X XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXXX X XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX X XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXX X XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX X XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX XXXXX